What is this course about
  • This course lays down the foundations for you to enter the world of footwear. 

It equips you with:

 – Knowledge you need to be able to start your own brand of footwear

 – Skills to be able to conceptualise and design your own footwear

 – Skills to be able to make and grade your own patterns

 – Hand and machine skills to make your footwear

 – Knowledge to source materials, components and machinery.

 – Knowledge of footwear materials technology

 – Access to marketing platform for your products


This course runs four times a year with starting dates in :

  •  – January

  •  – April

  •  – August

  •  – October


Classes are Mondays to Fridays from 8h00 to 13h00
Course starting Dates

With our proven methodology, we teach students who have no sketching ability, to sketch footwear from the side top and at an angle. This allows the learner greater flexbility to be creative.

Pattern Engineering

In order to make quality footwear one needs to have a well grounded ability to cut footwear patterns.

Using the best Italian methods our learners are taken through the process of making the patterns for all the classical styles of footwear. This also includes the process of grading footwear to other sizes.


From this all other patterns can be made which includes sandals, boots shoes, sneakers and vellies.

This course does not include moccassins, but it can be done seperately in a one week custom course.


Learners also cover the hand and basic machine making processes to make stuck-on footwear.

This includes:

Hand processes of cutting, fitting, folding and lasting.

Machine processes of skiving, embossing, stitching, roughing, polishing and sole attachment.



During the above processes the students learn all about the materials, components and consumables used in footwear.

Young cobbler with unfinished boot sitting by his workplace and looking at camera

Footwear designers and Technologists are a niche market skill which is very rare in South Africa. It requires the ability to create concepts, put these concepts down onto paper and transfer the concepts into 2D patterns and from there on into a prototype. 

There is currently a shortage for good designers and technologists who can employed into retail as well as manufacturing sectors.

There are a multitude of opportunities for footwear entrepereneurs in South Africa. From small start-ups to large investment opportunities. 

Freelance designers with a good eye for the market is always in demand in the footwear industry. Small scale start-ups have proven very successful over many years and have delivered a multitude of multi millionairs. 

Just in the last five to seven years we have seen a multitude of small brands rise from no where of which our students are the leaders.

Due to the exchange rate and local demand for localised products this is becomming a more viable business by the day.

The is no hobby as satisfying as making footwear. Once the first shoe is made, the bug has bitten.

From just a sideline hobby to keep you busy or an retirement hobby for some extra income, shoemaking is the utimate answer. 

We have allumni that are retired and making shoes for fun and to keep the motor skills going and the brains alive.

We are here to help you get started

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